Angel’s kiss

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Lifetime gift – a piece of art that you can wear through all your life…

Bykovs’ Jewellery glad to present the new collection of the small size Purses for the newborn created by the famous Russian jewellery designers Gennady and Natalia Bykovs who have long ago established themselves as an outstanding Russian cultural brand well known to the world leading professionals and jewellery art experts.

The craftsmanship level of their art works has been compared by many of the jewellery experts to that of Faberge.

Same as Eggs for Fabergé, the Purses have become one of the signature items for Bykovs’. Those unique pendants are made in the shape of the purse, but they have nothing to do with money as such, as each of them carriers a certain hidden message with a philosophical and sometimes humorous meaning implied.

The new line was created by Bykovs with the idea to have them as a present for a birth of a baby girl.

Each piece is made in 18 ct gold with precious stones and can be fully personalized by engraving the baby’s name and its date of birth on the back of the purse. As every purse can be opened, there is also a possibility to put inside a plate engraved with a certain particular wishes or symbols.

For a birth of a baby boy Bykovs created a pendant in the form of a ship’s wheel which can be also personalized in the same way as a purse.