«Blue Lagoon»


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There is no greater inspiration than the one found in the world of nature. The sparkling aquamarine drops will always remind you of a blissful time spent at the ocean and will make you dream of new travels to the most beautiful corners of the Earth. The versatility with which this piece can be worn evokes playful relaxed charm, bathed in sunshine and joie de vivre. Just like with all the creations from the constellation of purse pendants there is a possibility to insert a personalized engraved plate to always keep a memory of your dream vacation with you.

Weight 110.9 with chain / 85.4 without chain.

124 diamonds = 5.03ct.

11 aquas = 2.13ct.

Never Ending Romance Collection

Jewellery filled with love. The keepers of your sweet memories and romantic secrets. Keep what is dear to you close to your heart.