Артикул: RA-009/2-01/7 Категория:


An incarnation of the nature’s perfect symmetry and life’s evanescence, a butterfly is eternalized in the form of a charming ring encrusted with sapphires, diamonds and chalcedony. Its misty violet wings reflect the twilight sky above the Magic Garden. The fascinating chalcedony has been admired and cherished by the people of many cultures around the world. In Tibet, for example, the purity of a lotus flower is symbolized by the chalcedony gemstone. It brings inner peace, clarity and ability to focus on essential things which is increasingly important in the modern world overloaded with information. Known as the stones of communication, both dreamy chalcedony and majestic sapphire make a powerful combination for any lady, whose activity is connected with interaction with people, and anyone who wants to express their ideas, beliefs and emotions liberally.

Weight 27.3g. 50 diamonds = 0.62ct. 30 saphires = 0.76ct. Chalcedony