Time Prints III

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Autumn has always been a powerful source of inspiration for the Bykovs, and autumn leaves have always symbolized the impermanence of time. The idea to find a way to freeze time and capture a moment found its manifestation in the unique Time Prints series. Each one of the carefully picked natural leaves is manually covered by the finest layer of 24ct gold and sealed behind the sapphire glass. The highest craftsmanship level made it possible for us to see all the subtlest details and fibers of the real leaves. This impressive pendant features a pair of golden leaves framed by the bold circle of the yellow sapphires. It may be a reference to a vintage hand glass that helps an eye to catch a glimpse of eternity… or is it a timekeeper?


Weight 39.89g. 10 diamonds = 0.64ct. Yellow saphires. Saphire glass. 24ct gold leaf inside.