Twists of light

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This jewellery family is all about the captivating and everchanging play of light. This light comes through the lace of the leaf structure masterfully created in white and yellow gold, it is reflected in the majestic emeralds and the vibrant tsavorites that sparkle with dozens of shades of green and interweave with sunny touches of yellow sapphires. The tiny diamonds shimmer like pure drops of fresh morning dew on the edges of the leaves. These earrings will playfully sway with every move of the head reflecting the beams of the iridescent light. Tsavorite, which is largely used in this jewellery piece, is a rare stone of benevolence, gratitude and trust. It promotes personal growth and helps to see the beauty inside oneself and in others.

Weight 27.4g. 75 diamonds = 0.97ct. 12 emeralds = 0.10ct. Yellow saphires. Tsavorites