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“We create art objects that live on their own” – say Gennady and Natalia Bykovs about their artworks.

“It’s important for us that our works won’t get outdated, that they remain timeless.” For many years their authentic and creative designs didn’t fit any global trend. But recently they have become one of the brightest representatives of the “statement piece” trend that fits perfectly in today’s world and is highly appreciated by those who value intellectual approach with a deep cultural background over the number of carats.


In recent years Bykovs have won recognition not only in Russia, but around the world

Gennady and Natalia Bykovsthe jewellery artists from St. Petersburgwere among the first Russias jewellery designers who pioneered the renaissance of the Russian jewellery art. Their creations had anticipated the trend for jewellery artworks which tell a story instead of simply showcasing the gems beauty or shaping the precious metal into something elaborate. Bykovs rose above any traditions of historical or geographical jewellery schools, thus giving a birth to a new school of their own – the school of conceptual jewellery.


In recent years Bykovs have won recognition not only in Russia, but around the world.


Bykovs have presented their artworks in Birmingham Royal School of Jewellery where they have been warmly received by the British industry professional, and the craftsmanship level of their creations has been acknowledged and highly appreciated by the British jewellery experts.



During an event hosted by the Russia’s Ambassador in London and attended, among other honorable guests, by Prince Michael of Kent, the Bykovs’ contemporary jewellery was exhibited alongside the historical pieces of Carl Faberge’s workshop. The event was dedicated to Russia’s jewelry tradition and Carl Faberge’s connections with London and revealed not only the consistency in the level of craftsmanship but also the artistic identities of their creators according to their times.




Bykovs’ works can be also found in the private collections of famous people around the world, among them the Princess of Monaco, the British designer Isabell Kristensen, and some other famous personalities.




The most prestigious museums not only in Russia, but around the world, such as the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the Armory of Moscow Kremlin, Schmuckmuseum in Pforzheim, Germany, and many others safekeep and exhibit Bykovs’ jewellery creations. 

Bykovs’ story became a part of the documentary about the history of Russian jewellery art from ancient times till now which has premiered at the 73rd Cannes Film Festival. In this film international experts draw parallels between Bykovsworks and the works of the best craftsmen of the past — complimentary comparison not only for the Russian, but also for the top international jewellery designers.