Visiting Bykovs Jewellerystudio in St. Petersburg.

Natalia and Gennady Bykovs invited Jewellery collectors to their historical studio in St. Petersburg.

During the visit, guests were able to observe the process of creating unique jewelry.

It’s starts with an idea and sketch, to becoming real in the hands of the master.

In addition, jewelry connoisseurs were able to get to know the artists better, and try on jewelry from the collections of different periods of creativity.

The Bykovs are outstanding representatives of the St. Petersburg jewellery art.

Their style is a fusion of conceptual contemporary design and classic traditions of craftsmanship.

First participation of Bykovs Jewellery to an Online Auction

7th April Bykovs Jewellery was represented at international online event hosted by Academia Fine Art Monaco Auction.

The founders of the brand are confident that this unique experience is an important step for Bykovs Jewellery, which allows to be in contact with the consumer, avoiding any boundaries and restrictions.

Keeping the best traditions of Russian jewelry art the brand always follows new trends in communictation.

3rd Moscow International Exhibition of Artistic Enamel

06.08.2020 — 06.09.2020

The artworks of Gennady and Natalia Bykovs have been presented in All-Russian Museum of Decorative Arts within the framework of the 3rd Moscow International Exhibition of Artistic Enamel.

Exhibited were Natalia Bykova
composition of 5 panels «City Garden» made from copper, brass and enamel and
Gennady Bykov art work “Diary of a Billiard Player» made from iron, brass and enamel.

Both art works are from the permanent collection of the Russian Museum of Decorative Arts.

Enamelers from 20 different countries have been participating in the exhibition.

The exhibition demonstrates a detailed picture of the development of the contemporary enamel art.



Published book about a Retrospective creation of Natalia and Gennadiy Bykovs

The book “Bykovs Jewellery” has been published in Russia in June 2020.

It contains iconic art works of recent years and the thoughts of artists about what inspires them and how their creations are changing timelines.

The authors are considering such famous collections as Hermitage Collection, Magic Garden Collection, the most romantic collection Never Ending Romance and others.

Jewelry brunch by Bykovs Jewellery In London

12th Fabruarywe invited our clients and friends for Jewelry brunch.

The event took place in the heart of London in a hospitable Caviar House.

In a pleasant atmosphere, the guests got acquainted with the new creations of the jewelers Gennady and Natalia Bykovs.

The jewelry was unusually exhibited right on the tables under the crystal domes, and each person was able try this nice pieces. Guests gladly took advantage of this opportunity.

This eventmarked the beginning ofsuccessful collaboration between Caviar House and Bykovs Jewelery. From this momentour jewelry will be displayed in Caviar House boutique.

Monaco Yacht Show 2019

During the private event hosted by one of the most prestigious shipyards FEADSHIP Bykovs’ Jewellery presented to the yacht owners “The Spirit of the Seas” — special addition set containing pendant, cufflinks and badge.

Fashion Show with Isabell Kristensen in London

Bykovs’ unique creations have added to the glamour of Isabell Kristensen fashion show which took place at Crown Aspinalls private club in London. Models made a dazzling tribute of our jewellery during the show.

Private presentation in Monaco

15 VIP guest from the Middle East enjoyed private presentation of the full variety of Bykovs’ exclusive art pieces within the framework of the private cocktail at WP of Monaco Yacht Club.

Ownerbreeder: June 2019

Comparison to jewellery legend Faberge is not to be taken lightly, especially as a Russian, when one’s imperial heritage is so interwoven with the craftsmanship of the French jeweller....


«ЧЕТВЕРО ДЕТЕЙ ПОМОГЛИ МНЕ СОЗДАТЬ ДОМ МОДЫ»   Изабель Кристенсен родом из Дании. Основательница дома моды для высшего общества (socialite designer), создательница линии духов, мать четверых детей и частая...

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Bykovs Jewellery took part in The Golden Unicorn Awards

We are happy to share with you our news: Bykovs Jewellery took part in The Golden Unicorn Awards
The Awards ceremony took place on Saturday 1st December in the stunning art deco ballroom of the Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel on Piccadilly in London’s Mayfair.

Christmas Cocktail in Wine Palace Monte-Carlo

On Christmas eve Bykovs’ Jewellery customers have been entertained at Wine Palace Monte Carlo during the Jewellery Christmas Cocktail full of joy, fun and surprises. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bykovs have attended the event.

Rusmonaco.fr : творческий союз художников-ювелиров

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7 June – joint photo session with Isabell Kristensen at Monaco.