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“From the very beginning I was fascinated by the very high quality of Bykovs’ artistic work, both in creativity and in technical craftsmanship. Gennady Bykov and Natalia Bykova developed their own style, their own personal style, their own personalities as artists, as jewellerers. In my understanding Bykovs belongs to the rather small group of really important Russian jewellery artists. I am convinced they are the leading personalities in this field…” — says Dr. Fritz Falk, Former Director of the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum (Schmuckmuseum), Art Historian and Master Goldsmith.


Bykovs are the outstanding representatives of St. Petersburg jewellery school. Their style combines contemporary design ideas and the classical traditions of workmanship influenced both by Art Deco and conceptual art of the 1970s. Their works demonstrate clear understanding of the form, clean composition and strict logic that dictates the choice of materials, execution, technique and selection of gemstones. That has become a distinguishing feature of the two artist’s creative union.


Spirit of Creation

The craftsmanship level of Bykovs’ works is compared to that of Faberge, but, according to the opinion of Dr. Falk, as designers they are more modern for our time than Faberge was for his time.



The Hermitage Collection


Bykovs’ outstanding contribution to the renaissance of the Russian jewellery art was recognized by The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg that selected a substantial number of their creations for its several exhibitions. Some of Bykovs’ artworks are also safe kept at the Hermitage permanent modern jewellery collection among the works of the most prominent contemporary artists who represent the renowned St. Petersburg’s jewellery school.


Noble and modest like the city of St. Petersburg itself, the style of those jewellery artworks is distinct and recognizable. The signature bold shapes, strict lines and clean structure are fundamental to the Bykovs’ artistic creations. But at the same time it is the brilliant fusion of the traditions, outstanding creativity and particular innovative approaches of both artists that makes their pieces truly unique examples of the Russian jewellery art.


All items from Bykovs’ Hermitage Collection have been exhibited in the museum in recent years.