“Plastics in Metal and Stone. Artworks of the Contemporary Masters” State Hermitage Museum special catalogue.

“One of leading St. Petersburg designers are Gennady and Natalia Bykovs…
Bykovs’ artworks are mostly conceptual, reflecting a certain idea by witch the artist’s mind are passionated. The decoration style of the pieces is usually constraint without any excessive details or exaggeration. The color scheme is restrained, and whenever the color is implemented it is always soft and very elegant…
Bykovs were among the first jewellery designers who in 1980’s started to use the techniques of Florentine mosaic in their artworks creating very refined and even lyrical jewellery pieces…
Gennady and Natalia Bykovs willingly apply to the past times where they find inspiration for expressing their feelings. One of their signature items are pendants made in the form of a small purse with the lock on top decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. Such purses have been very popular during the domination of the Art Deco style in the end of XIX — beginning of the XX centuries. Due to the original concept and the top craftsmanship skills those pieces can be attributed to the category of real jewellery masterpieces…”
Doctor of Art History
Head of Contemporary Jewellery Section Department of Western European Applied Art
State Hermitage Museum