“Evening Dreams”

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This pendant in the form of the iconic vintage purse is a true status symbol. Solid golden surface ornated with bold symmetric lines opens slightly to offer a tiny glimpse of what might be hidden behind the geometric lace of royal blue sapphires and a play of round and square-shaped diamonds. Since the ancient times sapphire has been known as the stone of wisdom and a lucky charm of kings and other aristocrats who used it to draw celestial favour. This character piece will create a sublime retro allure, should you wear it as a part of your extravagant outfit or a monochrome formal apparel. In any case, this precious little purse appeals to a sparkling night out full of unforgettable moments and clinking champagne glasses.   RH-0085 Weight 112.9g with chain / 86.7g without chain. 34 diamonds = 1.2ct. 134 sapphires = 1.95ct