«Ship’s Wheel» (Silver)


Артикул: SS002-1 Категория:


Inspired by the the magnificent power of the sea, these cufflinks are crafted to last a lifetime. Helm-shaped and encrusted with indigo blue sapphires, they keep memories of the adventurous sea voyages and peaceful cruises. This is a jewellery piece that demonstrates the strong character of its owner who always steers the course towards his goals with sophistication and class. Since the ancient times sapphire has been known as the stone of wisdom and the lucky charm of kings and other aristocrats who wore it as a dominant protection and used it to draw celestial favour. Such a pieсe is a silent sign, a distinctive feature of a special community of the strong-willed, free-spirited people who keep the passion for the sea in their hearts. This nautical collection stands to the Bykov’s jewellery tradition of excellence and also includes a badge to complement a stylish business silhouette, an evening attire or a more casual look.

Weight 10g. 34 diamonds = 0.19ct. 48 sapphires = 0.23ct.