Zip me up

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This pendant in the form of the iconic vintage coin purse encrusted with the hundreds of sunny sapphires is the incarnation of a golden treasury. Each of these luminous gemstones were handpicked to become a part of a gorgeous colour scale gracefully transiting from the warm golden hues to the lightest lemon shades and the crown of the pure shimmering diamonds. The accent here is the bold diamond zipper that hides all your precious secrets behind. This character piece will create a sublime retro allure, should you wear it as a part of your extravagant outfit or a monochrome formal apparel. The ancients called yellow sapphire a stone of prosperity and wise leadership, which makes this piece a perfect gift for a business woman or a female entrepreneur.

Weight 115.6g with chain / 96.1 without chain.
107 diamonds = 3.77 ct. 451 sapphires = 10.18ct.