Ship’s Wheel

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Rough charm and power of the sea is reflected in indigo blue sapphires that shimmer like the water surface in the sun. This bold helm-shaped pendant keeps memories of the adventurous sea voyages and peaceful cruises. Skilfully crafted in gold and ornated with gemstones, this pieсe is a silent sign, a distinctive feature of a special community of the strong-willed, free-spirited and ambitious people who keep the passion for the sea in their hearts. Since the ancient times sapphire has been known as the stone of wisdom and a lucky charm of kings and other aristocrats who wore it as a dominant protection and used it to draw celestial favour. This is a perfect gift for a noble boat owner and a fearless sea traveler.
Weight 26.2g. 24 diamonds = 0.19ct. 40 sapphires = 1.15ct