«Twists of light»

Артикул: RA-008/2-01/7 Категория:


The signature metalwork makes this exquisite brooch look completely weightless and extremely sophisticated. As the «Twists of light» name suggests, the artists found inspiration for this brooch and the namesake earrings in the light playing in the tree leaves on a sunny day. The green and yellow shades interfuse and make this jewellery piece look magnetic and different every time. These evanescent sunbeams bring happy memories of peaceful summer days. The combination of carefully selected emeralds and tsavorites, which are both known as protectors of the heart, makes this brooch a powerful enhancer of optimism, encouragement and unconditional love.

Weight 23.1g.

53 diamonds = 0.37ct.

26 emeralds = 0.16ct.

Yellow saphires. Tsavorites


The Magic Garden Collection

Inspired by The Royal Ascot. Matches the colourful atmosphere of the event and is a perfect supplement to your best-dressed look.